Areas of Practice

McConkey & Bowen LLC is able to offer a wide array of legal services in the following fields:

Intellectual Property Services

  • Patents

      • Prior art searches

      • Patentability opinions

      • Provisional patent applications

      • Non-provisional utility patent applications

      • Design patent applications

      • "International" patent applications

  • Trademarks

      • Professional opinions regarding registrability of mark

      • Filing of trademark and servicemark registrations

  • Copyrights

      • Filing of copyright applications

General Practice Services

  • Criminal Matters

      • Traffic tickets

      • DWI offenses

      • Felony and Misdemeanor charges

      • Municipal court charges

      • Probation violations

  • Family Law

    • Dissolution of marriage ("divorce")

    • Paternity

    • Guardianship

    • Motions to modify (child custody and/or support)

  • Bankruptcy

  • Personal Injury

  • Mediation

    • Qualified mediator under Missouri Supreme Court Rules 17 & 88

    • Types of issues: dissolution, paternity, landlord/tenant disputes, or other civil matters.

  • Estate Planning

    • Wills

    • Trusts

    • Power of Attorney

    • Please note: the above list is not comprehensive. If you are looking to have legal representation in an area not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact my office and speak with me personally.