Will Zuckerberg Sue Over "The Social Network"?

Post date: Oct 4, 2010 3:12:09 PM

Short answer: probably not.

BUT, there is an article in the New York Times this morning exploring the possibility of a lawsuit and why a suit would likely fall short. It essentially boils down to this point:

"[I]f Mr. Zuckerberg sued and was declared a public figure, he would then 'have to show that the filmmakers knew the statements were false, or were reckless about the possibility of falsehood.'”

In other words, he would have a huge burden to overcome and would likely spend a lot of time in court and giving depositions. So, instead, he will probably sit back and enjoy the added publicity for himself and his company. Zuckerberg and his company did make this comment regarding the film:

"They do a wonderful job of telling a good story...[o]f course, the reality probably wouldn’t make for a very fun or interesting movie.”

NYT: Zuckerberg's Legal Options Are Slender