South Park and Four Loko Encounter Legal Trouble

Post date: Nov 18, 2010 8:22:17 PM

The alternate title for this post was "Bad News for Two Things That I Enjoy"If you haven't already tried Four Loko and you are curious as to what it tastes like, you better get it while you can. Due to the recent publicity focused on the allegedly dangerous drink, the FDA has stepped in and declared the alcohol + caffeine drink unsafe and illegal. According to their letter, which can be found HERE, the FDA has threatened that if corrections are not made then the "adulterated" beverages will be seized. The day before this letter was sent out, Phusion Projects -- the maker of Four Loko -- announced that they were going to reformulate their drink and remove the caffeine. It looks like the end is near for the infamous "black out in a can." It's too bad that the irresponsible drinkers and protectionists had to ruin all of the fun for those who know how to act like adults but want to get drunk for only $2.50 on a bad tasting and artificially fruity malt beverage. Oh well. Apparently there is already a YouTube video out demonstrating how to make your own Four Loko-esque beverage. I'm not sure if I would go that far, though.In more bad news, everyone's favorite cartoon, South Park, has recently been sued for copyright infringement. There isn't much to say here that isn't discussed in the source article, but I would side with South Park on this one. They took a portion of a internet-hyped song back in 2007 and used it in their parody-based cartoon. Seems like a good argument for fair use. If anything, getting on South Park should be desired for a one-hit wonder like Samwell and his song "What What (In the Butt)." I bet this is an attempt to make the 3 year old song relevant which case, I am apparently doing my best to help by blogging about it.

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