Plagiarism: Harry Potter vs. Willy the Wizard

Post date: Oct 15, 2010 4:32:41 PM

J.K Rowling -- the author of the insanely popular Harry Potter books -- has been hit with a plagiarism lawsuit from the owner (estate) of the "Willy the Wizard" book (Willy pictured to the left). Although the lawsuit has been pending for some time, a big development this week was that the judge denied Rowling's motion to dismiss (the case is being handled by the British courts so the law lingo is a little different). This essentially means that the owners of "Willy the Wizard" are one step closer to getting a settlement offer. There is still another hearing scheduled on the matter to determine whether the case can continue. If the case is still standing after that hearing then "Willy the Wizard" should be in the running to make some serious bank at the expense of little, innocent Harry. I know Harry is supposed to be a great wizard and all (I've never read the books), but Willy looks like Gandalf Dumbledore and I would obviously take him in a head-to-head magic battle. But I would take David Blaine over both of them.Washington Post: Judge refuses to dismiss suit against J.K. Rowling