Four Law-Related Stories to Start Your Week:

Post date: Aug 30, 2010 3:41:36 PM

First off, a copyright law story about Vampire Weekend being sued for unauthorized use of a photograph on their most recent album. This story has been going on for a while but it still remains to be seen how much money Ann Kirsten Kennis is going to get out of this ordeal. It must be rough if you get to be on the cover of a popular album AND sue for $2 million.

Pitchfork: Vampire Weekend Cover Girl

Secondly, if you are a juror you might want to use some discretion/common sense when it comes to posting on Facebook.

Juror in Hot Water Over Facebook Post

Thirdly, it looks like the rich just keep getting richer. I mean, why not? If you have the money why not sue Google and Apple just for fun. This guy has a pretty good litigation history with lawsuits against AOL, Netflix, eBay and Facebook.

Patent Litigation: Paul Allen Sues Apple and Google

Finally, it looks like one of my favorite shows is in potential danger of going off the air if this most recent law suit holds up. If Jersey Shore goes off the air I don't know if people will even watch MTV any more.

Jersey Shore Sued for Assault and Racketeering